5 ways to create a focal point with a rug

Focal points are a great way to draw attention to the best features of a room and can instantly turn a space from ordinary to eye-catching. If you don’t have natural focal points in your home, such as a feature fireplace, a rug can be a clever alternative. The best thing about rugs is that they’re a quick and easy option and can immediately change the entire look of a room. At Linens Limited, you’ll find a huge range of rugs to suit a variety of budgets and colour schemes. Along with these top design tips, you too can coordinate your rug with the rest of your room and create your very own focal point.

Create a bold focal point

Choose a bold rug and contrast with neutral, light walls and floor for a bright focal point
Get the look: Flair Rugs Spectrum Samba Rug

Opt for a rug in a bold pattern and colouring to make it the centrepiece of your room. This effect works especially well with a neutral room. Bright and light spaces provide the perfect canvas to draw attention to a truly eye-catching contemporary rug and can help set off plainer or modern furniture. You can also position an attractive light fixture above your rug to draw even more attention to this stylish furnishing. A dramatic light fixture is sure to catch the eye, while the light draws attention back to your rug and the centre of the room.

Place your rug under focal furniture

Make a focal point of your best furniture by setting them off with a matching rug
Get the look: Inaluxe Fabrique Wool Blend Hand Tufted Designer Rug

A rug can be used in any room of the house to highlight your focal furnishings. In a dining room, placing a rug under your dining table and complementing with matching table accessories makes for a stylish social space. It’s also no secret that a rug can help set off your sofa set. Place your sofa and armchairs around your rug pointing inwards, with a coffee table and matching centrepiece in the middle. Finally, use this effect in your bedroom by putting a rug under your bed. Offset it slightly so it continues past the end of your bed and place a stylish chaise or loveseat at the end for a homely feel.

Match your rug to a feature wall

Combine your focal points for a really bold look by matching your rug to your feature wall
Get the look: Catherine Lansfield Larsson Geo Woven Rug

Combine your focal points to create a dramatic look by matching your rug to your feature wall. You can be really bold and try to match patterns, such as a palm print or modern geometric pattern. Alternatively, for an equally striking but sophisticated style, simply pick a vivid colour to match your rug and wallpaper or paint. You can go bright or dark to suit your tastes as this design looks just as good in bright fuchsia as it does in elegant navy.

Complement your rug with your accessories

Make your room pop by matching the colours from your rug with furnishing accessories
Get the look:Think Rugs Sunrise Hand Carved Rug

Pick out the colours of your rug with carefully selected accessories including cushions, lamps, vases and curtains. If you have a few colours in your rug, go bold and choose accessories that use all of them. Alternatively, you can highlight just one and swap out your accessories in one of the other colours when you feel like a style change. This means you can have a different look for relatively little cost while always drawing attention back to your stylish rug and focal furnishings.

Use interesting textures

Contrast textures for a unique focal point rug, such as a shaggy rug and wood floor
Think Rugs Monte Carlo Shaggy Hand Tufted Rug in Cream

Choose a rug with an interesting texture to contrast with your room. For example, if you have wood flooring, why not opt for a deep shaggy rug. This contrast in texture gets a big thumbs up in interior design and has been especially fashionable over the past year. Plenty of texture in a room creates unique and eye-catching dynamics, and choosing a rug in a contrasting material makes it an instant focal point. Again, you can always experiment with different textures for your furnishings and accessories for a quick and inexpensive way to switch up your style.

If you’re feeling inspired by these ideas, get started now and shop from our huge range of stylish rugs. You can also share the look and send us a picture of your focal point creation.






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