5 tips to help your toddler transition from cot to bed

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As your baby grows into a toddler, you might start thinking about moving them from their cot bed into a small child’s bed. The time for this change will always differ from to child to child, some stay comfortable in their cot for a few years whereas other toddlers have been known to scale the barriers at around 18 months.

It’s advised that parents transition their child before they start to climb their cot to avoid any injuries; so how can we make the process easier for both parents and baby? We’ve got 5 tips you can follow to help you and your growing child adapt smoothly.

1) Keep other routines the same

Your baby will thrive through their routines; they need to have rules and structure to learn about their world and how to behave and react as needed. Keeping the bedtime routine the same will help your baby adjust to their new bed – with feeding, bath time and their story remaining the same they shouldn’t feel too much stress over losing their cot.

2) Bed rails for security

If you decide to use a twin bed for your toddler, consider buying bed rails to keep them safe. Your baby will not be used to the extra space at first, and may end up rolling around a bit too much and fall out! Whilst accidents do happen, having protective railings or guards can help minimise any serious incidents.


3) Bedtime comforts

Bedtime soothing toys are a parent’s best friend, they vary in size and shape but almost always offer soothing lights and sounds to help your baby off to sleep. Ensure you move your baby’s favourite toy to the new bed, this will keep their attention on relaxation.


4) Start using the new bed for naps

We hear different stories from parents about toddlers who transitioned without any problems – but also some encounter issues with their baby when adapting to their new surroundings.  If you are struggling with the latter, try using the new bed for their nap time – this helps the baby adapt to their new bed without the “cold turkey” approach of the change.

5) Patience with night-time roaming

Be prepared that with a new bed and no cot barriers, your toddler is now free to roam into your bed at any point of the night. If you prefer your child to stay in their own bed whilst they sleep, it may take a few times of calmly walking them back until they realise this is one of the bed time rules. Be sure to give them lots of praise when to do sleep in their own bed, as this will help them keep it up.

We hope you find these points useful, every baby is different so if you have any helpful hints of your own please get in touch in the comments below.


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