5 nursery must-haves for your Prince or Princess



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With the birth of our second royal baby fast approaching, we have been keeping up to date on news of Kate and William and how they are preparing their nursery for the new arrival. Whether you are expecting your first child or making room for the ever-growing brood; we all know how important it is to make sure the room not only works seamlessly but is comfortable for both parent and child.

Kate’s new royal baby will take its place in the Royal Nursery alongside Prince George but this time; she will have two to choose from! There will be one at Kensington Palace and at the parent’s new country retreat, Anmer Hall in Norfolk.

Here at Linens Ltd we want your baby feel to feel like royalty, so we have created 5 nursery must-haves to help you decide on how to make the room a beautiful and organised space that works for all the family.

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1) Plenty of storage

Before your nursery can have a theme, the two main areas to consider will be the storage for your baby’s ever-changing collection of clothes and of course, nappies!

Make sure you purchase a reliable baby storage unit that will stand strong with all the necessary bottles and Harwoods bibs that your baby will need. You can also choose a comfortable selection of changing mats and blankets from our Nursery & Baby collection.


2) Shapes and Sounds

We want you to be able to create a calming environment for you and your family; with midnight feeds and midday naps (for adult or baby!) the nursery will need to emulate a serene tranquillity to keep you both relaxed.

Linens Ltd has a wonderful collection of Piccolo lamp shades to add splashes of colour or perhaps a Claire de Lune musical mobile for delicate tones of music aiding the perfect night’s sleep.


3) Cot Bed

Your baby will spend a lot of time sleeping in the early months and we know you’ll want them to be safe and secure wherever they are.

Why not consider our Cot Bed selection from Izziwotnot offering stylish, manageable Cot Beds for your baby and toddler. The Skyline 3 piece Cot Bed even offers an adjustable changing table, under cot drawer and teething rails in rich oak or mahogany for increased usability without complicating a stylish design.


4) Blankets Blankets Blankets

Your baby will always want to be cosy whether in your arms or the new Cot Bed. Make sure you also have a wide range of nursery bedding to choose from, so you can be prepared for every situation!

Perhaps you will need a baby sleeping bag which are all designed to provide comfort and warmth without the need for bedding for Mothers-on-the-move.

We have a variety of cosy blankets on offer which are an essential for any home, we only chose the best machine washable pieces at affordable prices for you.

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5) Make time for playtime

The joys of motherhood are not always about feeding, changing and sleepless nights; here at Linens Ltd we understand the importance of your baby learning through play and helping you enjoy your time with your child in those precious early years.

Set aside a corner of the room for soft toys and books where you can relax with your baby bouncing up and down in a Hauck baby bouncer listening to your soothing voice.


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