Five indoor-outdoor spaces to fall in love with

It’s been so gorgeously warm lately, we thought it would be a great idea to bring you the very best indoor-outdoor spaces to help inspire the way you enjoy your garden.

From picnics on the lawn and dinner on the patio, to sleeping under the stars and relaxing by a fire – browse through our roundup and fall in love with summer all over again.

1. Industrial charm

Photo courtesy of @tealightsandtantrums

Spurn the floral look and embrace the dark side by incorporating an industrial edge to your outdoor seating area. Match painted pallet furniture with tonally-matching cushions and throws to lend a rustic, Nordic air to your backyard. Who said summer was meant to be all about bright colours anyway?

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Grey throws
Grey cushions

2. Pergola perfection

Photo courtesy of @luckyplot13

Creating a pergola in the corner of the garden is a fabulous way to carve out a corner of outdoor space just for yourself. Layering soft pink and grey throws, cushions and blankets makes for a gently feminine space, while a rug breaks the conventions of what should – and should not – go outside with grace and practicality.

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Pink cushions
Grey throws
Grey and white rugs

3. Sophisticated picnics

Photo courtesy of @stylishpicnics

Picnic blankets are so 2017… this year, take the inside out and layer plush rugs with gorgeous cushions and comfy bean bags. Set up the coffee table in the midst of all the soft furnishings for a super relaxing and practical space to while away the hours.

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Traditional rugs
Floral Cushions

4. Dinner on the decking

Photo courtesy of @vaniascalamandredecor

Eating outside is a real treat, especially when the long summer days mean it can stay light until after 10pm! Make the most of the British summer by setting up the dining table on the patio, and decorating it with comfy cushions and crisp table linen. Don’t forget to bring out a throw or two to wrap around your shoulders as the evening air begins to cool.

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Neutral cushions
Table linen
Soft throws

5. Camp out under the stars

Photo courtesy of @inspire_me_little_sketchbook_

When it’s too hot to sleep indoors, there’s only one thing for it – fetch your duvet and camp out under the stars. Drape your sun lounger or garden furniture in oodles of cosy blankets, soft cushions and a pillow or two from your bed to create the perfect nest. Light the candles, switch on the fairy lights, and dream away the hours until the sun begins to rise.

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Pillows and pillowcases

And one more for good luck…

Photo courtesy of @leaves.and.bones

And, if it’s absolutely, positively too hot to go outside and you simply must keep in the shade or you’ll pop, bring the outside in by surrounding yourself with gorgeous natural greenery in all shapes and sizes.

Enjoy the long summer sunshine

This year, don’t get stuck indoors all summer because your garden offers nowhere comfy to relax. Take some inspiration from our roundup of fabulous ways to make the most of your outdoor space – the only thing you’ll need to remember is the suncream 🙂

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