12 ways to transform your home’s overlooked spaces

There are always those areas in our homes that tend to get a little neglected – the entrance, the hallway, the landing or the box room. They become a dumping ground for clutter, something you’ll get round to ‘eventually’, or simply fall right off the radar.

Yet these nooks and crannies can make all the difference to the way your home looks and feels both to you, your family and your guests.

Here, we take a look at the 12 things you can do to transform the overlooked spaces in your home so you can fall in love with every square inch.


The first point of contact between your home and the outside world, the entrance is the perfect place to set the tone for the design aesthetic of your house and welcome in your visitors.

1. Choose the unexpected

Go big and bold in your entrance – an oversized feature like this modern flower arrangement has a dramatic impact, while also introducing an airy freshness to your foyer.

Combined with the yellow and white colour scheme, the whole zone has a fresh, upbeat and spring-time feel that will bring a smile to your guests’ faces.


Image: www.idealhome.co.uk

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2. Retro 70s

In the mood for something a bit more retro? This entrance from The Lovely Drawer gives a sophisticated and modern take on the 70s vibe with an oversized circular mirror, wooden bench and sumptuous Persian-style rug.

The mirror serves to bounce lots of light around and into the entrance from the glass-panelled front door, and the beautiful leafy greens of the plant add a splash of colour for a relaxed, chilled feel. So simple, so retro.

retro 70s entrance large mirror and rug

Image: thelovelydrawer.com

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3. Country lovin’

Bring the outside in with a cosy, country-inspired entrance. To get the look, layer different fabrics against one another in the form of neutral-coloured throws and cushions, set against tonally-similar walls. Splashes of natural wood break up the neutrality, adding to the rustic feel, while also providing valuable storage.


Image: www.idealhome.co.uk

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The corridors that link our rooms can become cold, draughty and without purpose. Make the most of this space, however wide or narrow it may be, and give yourself something to smile about.

4. One space, multiple ways

Wide hallways offer boundless functional possibilities – if styled and arranged correctly they can become an entire room in their own right, helping you to add value to your home by leaving no space unattended.

Designers Jonny Valiant and Joseph St. Pierre lined this long hallway with a seemingly endless bookcase, and positioned an antique writing bureau under a window to optimise on the light streaming in from outdoors. Two long hallway runners add warmth to the bare wood floors, completing the library-style vibe of this otherwise overlooked space.


Image: laurelberninteriors.com

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5. Mirror mirror, on the wall

If your hallway is narrow or short, then strategically placed mirrors are the perfect way to create the illusion of length and width. The designers of the Maple Building placed a full-length mirror, spanning the entire wall, at the end of the hallway to reflect the light emitting from the window at the opposite end.

In addition, they further capitalised on the natural light by placing an oversized circular mirror halfway down the corridor to further enhance the feeling of air and space. Finally, they added a slim display shelf underneath the mirror to add personality and texture to an otherwise neutral area.

hallway circular mirror maple building

Image: www.gordondufflinton.com

6. Focal points

Celebrate the length of your corridor by drawing the eye’s gaze to the end wall with a focal point construed of an eclectic mix of art, fresh flowers and quirky momentos to delight and entertain.

If there is limited natural light available, revel in the cosy darkness by creating depth and warmth with a brightly-coloured hallway runner.

Finish the look by lining the walls with photos of your loved ones or pictures of your favourite artwork.

hallway flowers and statue

 Image: www.burnhamdesign.com

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The landing, the top of the stairs, the patch of space that no one is ever quite sure what to do with… recapture and repurpose your landing by showing it some love and attention and you’ll never look back.

7. Repurpose and reinvent

For landings with that bit of extra space, there’s nothing to stop you from transforming it into that additional room you’ve always wanted but didn’t have the four walls for.

The owner of this two-storey home reinvented the landing into a bright and functional study, complete with functional desk, sofa with creamy throw, and a multitude of books and book shelves. And with the addition of a strategically placed rug, the space flows seamlessly from study to landing and back again.

landing study

Image: www.countryliving.com

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8. Admire the view

If the best view in the house is seen from the stairs, then don’t shy away, embrace it! Do away with curtains and instead pull up a chair with comfy cushion, and practical side table, so you can while away the hours enjoying your own private screening of the great outdoors.

landing monochrome

Image: priceless-magazines.com

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9. Break the rules

Make a statement by breaking the rules – lean your artwork up against one another for a constantly revolving display; contrast a modern mirror against a rustic set of deer antlers; or use striking outdoor lights to illuminate the internal walls.

Whatever eclectic pieces you love, display them proudly and tastefully by setting them against a neutral-coloured wall and selecting one bold colour – such as black in this interior photographed by Jonny Valiant – to tie all of your beloved objects harmoniously together.

top of stairs

Image: jonnyvaliant.com

Box room

The box room, the spare room, the guest bedroom – however the landlord or estate agent tried to sell it to you, this room is definitely too small for use as a secondary bedroom.

However, don’t give up on it just yet. With a bit of imagination and a couple of strong design choices, the box room can earn its own place in the home.

10. Plant life

Capitalise on a south-facing box room by introducing as many plants as you like into the box room. The scent of fresh greenery calms the soul and relaxes the spirit, transforming a stuffy box bedroom into a serene space.

Continue the calming theme with textured throws, neutral bedding and one wall in a dark colour to create the illusion of space and depth.

guest bedroom

Image: www.mydomaine.com

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11. Play with colour

Statement wallpaper is a fantastic way to easily inject some personality and some love into a small space. Choose a wall on either side of the window so as not to interrupt the flow of sunlight into the room.

To go the extra mile, be brave and add in accents of colour that tonally ‘pop’ against the statement wallpaper – add in accessories and soft furnishings with dashes of pink against red, or contrast orange against yellow.


Image: www.decor8blog.com

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12. Keep it easy breezy

High ceilings and long, flowing drapes are a unique and gentle way to add an element of soft elegance to a box room.

And by drawing your guest’s eyes up and down vertically through the use of internal curtains, they will appreciate the space the room has to offer, instead of focusing on the minimal floor space available.

small bedroom

Image: www.decor8blog.com

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By following these interior design tips, you can breathe fresh life into the neglected areas in your house and create a space where every inch contributes to make your house feel as homely as possible.

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    Wish I knew what to do with a square entrance hall composed almost entirely of doors (kitchen, lounge, bedroom, walk in cupboard, meter cupboard) and a radiator, heating thermostat and entryphone system blighting the few centimetres between each door.

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