V Shaped Pillows

V shaped pillows are carefully designed to provide bolster pillow support or comfort and relief for everyday use and even for the elderly, during pregnancy and for nursing mothers. Our V shaped pillows can be used as a maternity pillow or an orthopaedic pillow, because their ergonomic design is created to relieve pressure points in your head, back and neck. Read more

If you are looking for a pregnancy pillow; our breast feeding pillow range is designed to support your back, neck and shoulders during pregnancy and whilst you are breast or bottle feeding. The versatile shape and size mean they can all be used in bed or in a chair to help with posture or add comfort to wherever you need to be - they are also all machine washable to help keep them fresh and lasting as long as you may need them.

We stock a fabulous maternity nursing pillow from Clair de Lune that is more curved than our standard V shape neck support pillow – this pillow can be used at night to support your bump, and also used for breast feeding to add extra height and support for your baby. Do you suffer from hot flushes during pregnancy or changing temperature throughout the night? Our By Carla heat regulating pillow comes with a soft outlast cover which not only is waterproof and wipe-clean but can react to body heat keeping you cool and warm when needed.