Square Pillows

Our square pillows are the perfect addition to your home and bedroom for their decorative and supportive nature. We stock a selection from The Surrey Down Company all in different sizes and fillings from feather and down pillows to goose down and duck down pillows. Read more

Our square pillows are versatile and can be used for sleeping or everyday support; their small clusters of feathers and down are able to trap air and regulate heat as your body needs it. The Surrey Down Company finish off their firm pillows in 100% cotton cover, with up to 233 thread count for the ultimate comfort and breathability making it perfect for all the family including allergy sufferers.

Make sure you head over to our Egyptian cotton range with our wide range of colours and fabrics on sale to suit your personal style. Your new square pillow will be the perfect addition to your bedroom décor and we have beautiful bed sheets and pillow protectors for sale, to make them last even longer.