Bolster Pillows

Our bolster pillows are suitable for every occasion; nursing or pregnant mothers gain the added support and comfort of a pregnancy pillow, whilst guest bedrooms can have added decoration - whatever your need - our feather & down bolster pillows will fit perfectly into your home. Read more

Often recommended as an orthopaedic pillow, bolster pillows can be placed under the neck or behind the back to relieve strain and provide support. Our white duck feather & down bolster pillow from The Surrey Down Company is filled with 85% white duck feather and 15% natural duck down giving a soft and light heat regulation and comfort for all the family.

The added support of bolster pillows provides comfort for side sleepers or expectant mothers since they're much stiffer and retain a better shape unlike traditional softer pillows – our bolster pillows are safe to use with babies as a comfort and support pillow, all at affordable prices for you to buy online today.