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The top five interior designers to follow right now: how to get dark colours in your home

restoring lansdowne bedroom

Dark colours are having a moment. On Instagram, the trend for dark walls, dark kitchen cabinets and dark accessories are everywhere.

Below, we share the best interior design blogs demonstrating the look, Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration, and offer tips on how you can introduce gorgeous dark tones into your home.

Be fearless, be bold, go dark.

Balance dark walls with colour pops

Deep blues are a beautiful way to bring in dark vibes without committing to black. Fiona Cameron, from, shows how it is done in her living room.

By contrasting the deepness of the walls against a mustard-yellow fabric armchair, copper lamp and vintage wooden sideboard, the living room looks sumptuous and expensive.

Around Houses

Follow Fiona on Instagram here or check out her blog

Get the look with an animal print rug as well as yellow and black and white cushions.

Choose a statement wall

Going dark doesn’t mean you have to paint every wall in a room. Take a leaf out of Jo from Northern Styling’s book and select one area to focus your attention on. In her dining room below, Jo opted to paint only the wall surrounding the original fireplace for dramatic effect.

By picking out key accessories to match the wall with similar dark tones – the lampshades, bookcase and picture frames – the room looks cohesive and feels fabulously shabby chic.

Sneaking in a velvet green, vintage armchair into the corner lifts the room from a simple blue and white colour palette to create something altogether deeper and richer.

northern styling kitchen

Find out how Jo transformed her kitchen on her blog here.

Too scared to paint? Fake a feature wall with dark grey or black curtains.

Mix in textures for a feminine feel

There can be a worry that by using too much dark colour in the home, the overall feel and look will be overtly masculine. However Kristine Hall, at, shows how to overcome this by mixing in textures and soft, lighter colours in her guest bedroom.

The eclectic cushions and throws in grey, black and white work beautifully against the dark metal bed frame and navy wall. Meanwhile, the creamy lilac bedspread and use of white for the lampshade, bedside table and walls keep the room perfectly balanced for both female and masculine tastes.

restoring lansdowne bedroom

For more inspiration, and beautiful photos of her home, visit Kristine’s gallery on her website here or follow her on Instagram.

Get the look with a lilac throw, sheepskin rug and a selection of grey cushions.

Break up black with white and chrome

If you’re feeling ready to commit, interiors blogger Kimberly Duran shows how you can embrace black in your kitchen without making the space feel small or cluttered.

By incorporating black flooring and only painting the bottom cabinets in bold black, the eye is drawn upwards to the white, exposed cupboards above to maximise the natural light in the room.

The gold hanging bars, with matching gold utensils, perfectly complement the metal handles on the cabinet doors, tying the whole look together to create a sleek and sophisticated finish.

swoonworthyblog kitchen

Follow Kimberly on Instagram here or find out how she painted her kitchen cabinets black on her blog here.

Ease into the look with black tea towels and a black rug.

Glossy grey in your bathroom

Theresa Gromski compliments the gorgeous black and white floor tiles in her bathroom with dark and glossy grey tiles. To make sure your bathroom isn’t overwhelmed, introduce lots (and lots!) of plant life, and balance the walls and floors with bright white cabinets.

Theresa Gromski bathroom

Follow Theresa on Instagram here.

Get the look by adding in grey towels or a black bath mat.


Introducing dark grey, black and blue colours can be a simple and gorgeous way to update your home for 2018. Select a feature wall, or two, to dress in deep tones, or style each room with sophisticated accessories to give a subtle nod to the look.

Don’t be afraid to bring in colour pops to add contrast and intrigue, and remember that white accents and plush plant life never go out of fashion.

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