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Step inside a Nordic winter wonderland


This winter season, turn to Scandinavia for your interior design inspiration.

Natural woods, classic monochromes, dashes of colours and fabulous furs come together to create a gorgeous Nordic wonderland for the eyes and for the heart.

Explore our round-up of beautiful northern interiors, and discover tips and tricks to instantly transform your house into a elegantly cosy home this winter.

Animal textures

It’s chilly up north… embrace the Nordic traditions and introduce fabulously soft faux furs and hardy animal-skin rugs into your home.

Enjoy monochrome

monochrome fur living room

Image: Malin Simson
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Add warmth with furs

bedroom small

Image: La Maison d’Anna G
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Dashes of colour

Not all Nordic chic is monochrome simplicity – emulate the Northern Lights by introducing splashes of greens and blues to add warmth and focus to living rooms and dining rooms.

Duck egg in unexpected places

duck egg rug kitchen

Image: My Scandinavian Home
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Jewel and earth-tones


Image: Career Girl Daily
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Combine fabrics, patterns and finishes

Combine woolly-knit bean bags, patterned rugs, classic fur throws, smooth leather sofas and eclectic cushions to add depth and texture to your Scandinavian home.

Mix and match furniture

rug mix and match furniture

Image: Kenneth Walter
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Exposed wood and tinted glass

mix and match furniture

Image: Stefani Stein
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Although known for its simplicity, the Scandinavian home is much, much more than a black-and-white, minimalist box. A touch of texture and a pop of colour are all it takes to lift the look from untouchable, magazine perfection to a homely, welcoming and practical living space.


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