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Interiors interview: Jen Freeman


This week, we sat down with Cheshire-based interior designer Jen Freeman, to find out more about her style, what trends are inspiring her right now, and discover her top tips to help you style your home.

Hi Jen! How would you describe your personal style?

My own personal style is simple modern with touches of luxe. I particularly like mid-century classic furniture with clean lines that are sometimes bold and adventurous. I enjoy using colour, texture and lighting to create beautiful spaces.

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What interior design trend excites you at the moment?

I love how the Danish concept of hygge has been influencing interior design over the past two years. Living spaces that encourage calm and wellbeing can only be a good thing.

Guest Bedroom

Photo: Jen Freeman

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What is your favourite room to design for?

I really enjoy creating beautiful bedrooms. This is such a private nest – I feel privileged when clients ask me to help them design their bedrooms and I know it is very important to help them achieve their perfect space. This is the room that clients will see first as they open their eyes in the morning and also last thing at night and I believe this plays a part in mental well being, so it needs to be just right.

Master bedroom

Photo: Jen Freeman

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What are your top tips for someone looking to revamp their home?

I would certainly recommend concentrating on one room at a time. The plethora of options available can become overwhelming and lead to making the wrong decisions. However, it is also important to have an eye on the adjoining room(s) to ensure that there is a harmonious flow between spaces. I also suggest drawing out each room (to scale if possible) as this birds eye view allows you to see how furniture is going to fit. Cutting out templates of sofas, tables, etc. and moving them around until the layout works can be useful too.

If someone is looking to refresh their home or a room on a budget, what advice would you give them?

I always say to clients that interiors are like fashion – you could pay a lot of money for designer labels or very much less on the high street where they have essentially copied the design for a fraction of the price. I am all for grabbing these bargains when my clients are on a budget! It is worth keeping in mind that there is sometimes a compromise on quality though, so it’s usually best to invest in the products that have to take a lot of wear and tear. In addition, it is always worth waiting for sales and shopping around for online discount vouchers too, as this could save the pennies.

For more information about Jen, visit her website or follow her on Facebook at Jen Freeman Interiors.



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