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How to create a romantic atmosphere at home

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It’s that time of year again… the festive season is a distant memory, people are weighing up the success of their January detox and it’s time to ready yourself for the declarations of love that will inevitably start as Valentine’s Day gets closer.

Everyone has a different idea of romance, so we’ve pulled together a list of the best ways to create a romantic atmosphere throughout your home – whatever your preference may be.  

In the bedroom…

Although there’s no denying that red is the colour of love, it’s not the only hue that will set the perfect tone for your boudoir. Texture is one of the most popular interior trends for 2018 and will definitely help turn up the heat in an otherwise stark or cold space.

Keep bed linens classic white – but opt for 100% Egyptian cotton for that luxury feel – and add texture with an array of cushions and perhaps a throw. Dim the lights, and presto…  

bedroom romance

Get the look – luxury bed linens and cushions

In the kitchen/dining room…

Food is the way to a person’s heart, right? But be sure to pay as much attention to your table setting as you do your cooking to please your loved one. An easy win is to use a quality tablecloth or runner and splash out on some crisp linen napkins, which will give a much more luxurious feel than paper ones.

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Image: Genevieve Renee

Get the look – table linen and napkins

In the lounge…

A romantic setting certainly isn’t exclusive to the bedroom, and this setting is one to be enjoyed either on your own or with your significant other. Layer different throws and blankets on your favourite spot on the sofa, then bury yourself in them along with your favourite book and a delicious hot chocolate.

hot chocolate

Get the look – blankets and throws

For some, there’s nothing more romantic than a relaxed setting and, as well as adding the perfect cosy touch to your lounge, a fur rug is also a comfortable spot to unwind. Put on a fresh pair of new pyjamas, your cosiest socks and order your favourite pizza to chill out with the one you love.

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Image: Two Ladies and a Chair

Get the look – sheepskin and shaggy rugs

In the bathroom…

There’s (arguably) nothing nicer than wrapping yourself in warm fluffy towels after a long, relaxing candlelit bath – which is the perfect preparation ahead of a romantic night in. Extend that comforting feeling by slipping into a luxurious bathrobe post-soak.

bathroom towels

Get the look – luxury towels and bathrobes


You’re hopefully now brimming with ideas of ways to enjoy a low-key but romantic Valentine’s Day – to whatever degree of romance suits you – in your favourite space at home.

Although, there’s no stopping you enjoying a romantic night in at any other time of year!

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