5 steps to a cosy home

With the days growing shorter and the weather colder, it may be time to start thinking about making your home cosy for the winter. Nothing keeps the outside chill away like a warm log fire or a conveniently placed blanket. We’ve selected our favourite tips for turning your home into a cosy retreat during the winter, from thick and warm textures to fresh smelling plants and soothing ambient lighting. Plus, for even more warmth and comfort this winter, take a look at our top tips for keeping out the cold.

Clear the clutter


Make your home extra welcoming and give yourself peace of mind with a clutter free space. While keeping out the clutter can seem like a never-ending task, a cleaner home makes for a more relaxing environment for everyone. Personal items such as photographs and decorative vases can help create a homely atmosphere, but leaning towers of magazines and too much clutter can result in a stressful environment that is far from soothing. Give your home a thorough spring clean to make sure it’s winter ready.

Mood lighting


Set a relaxing tone in your home with strategic mood lighting. Invest in a mix of different lamps and candles placed throughout each room, strategically situated around focal points to highlight your best furnishings. Avoid overly bright or white bulbs and instead opt for lights that give off a softer, orangey glow that will provide a homely feel. The more lights in your room, the more ambient options you have to create the right kind of atmosphere for any occasion. You can also get even more ambient lighting ideas here.

Colours and patterns


Create a complete calming space with warm and earthy colours. Deeper shades of natural colours, such as a deep clay red, promise to warm up any space. Large open spaces can start to feel cold and uncomfortable during the winter months, so incorporating darker tones with soft furnishings will help make larger rooms seem smaller and cosier. Whether it’s a warm chocolate brown on a feature wall or eye-catching midnight blue woven into your accessories, create a comforting feel through darker shades. Additionally, choose some wintery patterns such as a cosy check print and incorporate it in your décor for an added touch of home comfort. Investing in some darker coloured cushion covers can be an inexpensive way to create a warmer atmosphere in your home.

Cosy textures


Add a variety of textures and inject some instant comfort into your décor. Deep shaggy rugs and chunky knitted blankets connote warmth and cosiness as well as providing an additional eye catching dynamic to your overall design. Soft faux fur gives an immediate impression of the softness and warmth of a classic ski lodge, while natural exposed wood holds the homeliness of a log cabin. Use rugs, cushions, throws and blankets for an inexpensive way to experiment with textures in your home.

Use plants


Bring the outside in while making sure the cold remains firmly out with some fresh plants. Opt for some easy to care for flowers in stylish vases for your dining room or side tables, or go for the latest trend and get a terrarium. Whichever you choose flowers and plants can help to create a soothing atmosphere as well as providing some extra colour and pleasant smells for an all-round relaxing ambiance. Terrariums, with their interesting shaped container and pretty foliage, are a modern and stylish way to experiment with homely plants. Get even more inspiration for bringing the outside in here.

Tips for a warm home

1. Opt for thicker curtains. Build an extra barrier and keep the warmth in by choosing thicker curtains that are kept shut at night, especially if your windows are particularly old or draughty.

2. Keep curtains and blinds open during the day. Make the most of natural heating by letting the light and warmth of the sun in during the day, then shut up at night to retain the warmth.

3. Use draught excluders. These handy inventions are a great way of keeping out the cold for draughty rooms, especially for older houses or large gaps under doors. As a bonus they also come in an array of attractive styles to match your décor.

4. Go for carpets and rugs. Floors can account for as much as 10% of heat loss if they’re not insulated, making wooden floors the main culprits. If you can’t afford to get carpet then opt for some thick shaggy rugs to insulate flooring and provide a warmer place for your feet.

5. Protect your letterbox. A surprising amount of cold air can get in through your letterbox. Make sure you have a letterbox flap and if possible a brush protector inside. They may be annoying for the postman but your house will benefit from the added protection.

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